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Life is beautiful, inspiring, and complicated. It’s not always what we expect. It’s the unpredictable experience of living that gives Katelyn Read her words and the music that carries them. Her music flows from the emotions felt, the moments remembered, the struggles endured.


She embraces lyrics that seek to bring hope, attempt to define love, and speak of the joy of living. Influenced by The Civil Wars, Amos Lee, Gungor, and Billie Holiday, her sound blends folk melodies with a hint of blues and soul. “I want to write music others can connect with, and speak for them when life brings moments that words fail to describe.” Katelyn’s deep desire to bring life through her music was sparked at the age of 9 when she sang her first solo on stage. She started experimenting with song writing and instruments throughout her teen years, and from there, her sound and talent has evolved through her solo performances and collaborations with other artists. At the root of her music is her own story of heartbreak and the hope that rose from the worst moments of her life.


Today, Katelyn is married to a supportive and adoring husband, and is a busy mother to a beautiful daughter. “Who am I?…I’m a mom and a wife doing everyday things, all while chasing my dreams. I never feel as alive as I do when I am singing.” A truth that makes her and her music relatable in a day where so much of the music industry has lost sight of the hope, joy, and life that words can bring.





Katelyn Read – She Can Feel It

This is a physical copy of Katelyn Read’s first EP, She Can Feel It. It is a 5 song album of her original works, and offers a wide variety of songs and sounds that express Katelyn’s taste in music ranging from an orchestra of strings, to folk mandolin, to simple guitar and her voice.

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