My Beloved - Behind the Song

"My beloved and I, we walk hand in hand.
My beloved and I, we will be
Together for all of our lonely days
Til the sun falls into the sea."

I wrote "My Beloved" back in early 2011 when my husband and I were dating (awwww). I was newly in love with this man, and conditions were perfect for writing a sweet little love song. I had never met a man who was so kind, loving, and such a gentleman, and I was very hopeful for our future together. You know how they say "when you meet the right one, you just know"? Well, for the first time, I believed them. I just knew this man was the one I would spend the rest of my life with just three days after the first time we had lunch.

"Now our bones are strong and our strides are great.
We have what the world cannot take
To the future unknown we will gracefully go
My beloved together with me."

This third verse I adapted from my parents' wedding vows, which come from a passage in Ruth. It has a lot of sentiment for me.

"Where you go, I will go.
Where you stay, I will stay.
Where you rest, that's where you'll find me."

And the last verse, which I wrote assuming life wouldn't be as perfect and pretty as it felt in the moment, has really been something I have repeated to myself on some rough days. In a world where we dispose of things when they no longer please us (i.e. My iPhone that is now not nearly good enough since I just saw the newest one), I wanted a marriage that would withstand those rough days, months, years if and when they came.

"And when trouble shall come, for surely it will,
And the worst shakes its fist in our face
We will laugh at the days, let them bring what they may.
My beloved forever you'll be."

Although the song is straightforward, a love song, initially it was a little difficult to perform. I had never written a love song, and it surprised me how personal it felt to share. And while I liked the song, it wasn't my favorite of the ones I had written. But I was surprised at how often people would mention they liked the song, and I even had the privilege to sing it for a wedding!

"My beloved, o be near.
Won't you hold me tonight.
My beloved, o be near.
With your arms wrapped in mine."

When it came time to pick songs for the EP, honestly I really didn't want to include "My Beloved," but I did anyway for the sheer fact that people seemed to connect with it. And to my absolute delight, once I got in the studio with it, my friend Trevor Wyatt added a simple piano line and some simple drums, I completely fell in love with the song! Such small additions brought the song to life, and it bloomed into something much better than I imagined it would be.

That's one of the things I love about music. So much emotion can be evoked from a simple melody. We connect with a line or a lyric in a song. Music speaks for us when we can't. So it means the world to me when I hear from you all about how you have connected with my music. It's a special bond to share, and I'm delighted to have you along for the journey.


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