Second Chances - Behind the Song

"Second chances and
Sideways glances
Find me here in disarray
Left without defenses."

"Second Chances" was one of those songs that started out strong, and then fizzled the more I worked on it. I knew I wanted to use the lines "second chances and sideways glances" and "to my great surprise," but I was struggling to fill the blanks around it. After a few days of working on it, I had a couple verses and a chorus, but I wasn't pleased and left it alone.

"But to my great surprise 
You reach down to me and start
Piecing back together
The parts that fell to the ground."

A year later, I was flipping through my song writing journal and came across the song. And all of a sudden it just clicked. I changed the key, changed the bridge, changed the melody of a few lines, and there it was. I added the tag at the end of the chorus that I am particularly fond of:

"And all the king's horses
And all the king's men.."

Let me just say that I hope you made the connection with that line and the whole song! (I considered titling the song "Humpty Dumpty" but it just didn't seem right. Hahahaha..)  The theme I wanted to create throughout the song was two fold. First, this idea that second chances, which we can call grace, are often so undeserved that it's jarring. When we continue to mess up over and over and over again, there is One who offers us more and more and more second chances.

"Burning embers
Of yesterday's failures
Scorched my hands too many times
Scarred by repetition."

Second, I wanted to communicate the idea that the broken and painful parts of our story are what create the beautiful portrait of our life, and can offer hope to others who are about to experience the same thing. I have some pretty badly "broken" parts to my story, and when I was in the middle of them, things just seemed shattered. I didn't know it was going to turn into something so beautiful. But all of that is another post for another time.

"Writing my new story from
The pieces shattered around me.
A mosaic of broken dreams

Draws beauty from the ashes.
The pain of the past
Redeemed in this
Second chance."

I want you to know that there is redemption of your pain. No tear is ever wasted. There is One who picks up our broken pieces and creates a masterpiece of something more beautiful than we could have ever managed out of our own strength.

"And all the king's horses
And all the king's men
Couldn't put him back
Together again."

May you find your second chance after second chance after second chance. May your brokenness become beauty. May you allow yourself to be pieced back together into a mosaic of greater worth than you ever could have created for yourself.


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