She Can Feel It - Behind the Song

"There's a freedom in her soul, it can't escape her tired bones.
She'd have galaxies to swim to go between them.
She can feel it in the wind; it's pulsing through her fingertips.
It goes and it returns without a reason. She can feel it."


"She Can Feel It" is the youngest song on the album, written in January this year. I started out with these lines:

"I have wind in my soul that blows deeper than my lungs control
I have galaxies between my bones"

I loved the words, but couldn't go anywhere with them, and didn't have a melody yet. Then a few weeks later, this line popped into my head:

"Even the trees lean in to see what breathes inside me"

This line sparked the theme of the wind, and when I think of the wind, I think of my momma! She has always, always loved the wind. When she hears it howl around the house or when a big gust blows her hair, she will almost always without fail, stop, put her hands out, close her eyes, and say, "Ahh.. I just love the wind." So at that point I switched the writing from first to third person with her in mind, and once I sat down with my guitar, the song just flowed out effortlessly.


"And the wind will bring her dream into a place that's all her own,
A passage best traveled through a whisper.

Though her feet stay on the ground, quiet lips without a sound,
The trees lean in to see what breathes inside her. She can feel it."


 Bringing the song to the studio, I expressed to Nick, my producer, visually what I saw when singing the song-- a young girl climbing up a thickly wooded mountain, searching for the highest peak, and when the song reaches the bridge, she sees the end of the trees, the top of the mountain, she takes off running, and reaching the peak, she throws her hands open wide, and the wind surrounds her.


"And where it blows, she'll always follow
Through the night it howls til dawn.
She can't see it, but she can feel it,
With a wish on her lips and a dream in hand.
She can't see it, but she can feel it,
With the wind at her back and her fears behind her."


I hope the song speaks to the life you have inside you, to the breath we were all made with. I hope it reminds you that there is more to this life than what we can see. And I hope you can believe in it, even when you don't see it.



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