True North - Behind the Song

"You are the song burning inside of me.
You are the melody I never knew how to sing.
You're my True North guiding me home tonight.
You are the star burning til sunrise.

And I loose myself in you
The fog of your skin mixed with mine.
And in deeper waters still
With me abide."

There are some songs I enjoy singing more than others. Some are fun and happy, and some are so deep, I practically drool over the lyrics. But this song. I really enjoy singing this song. It's always like taking a deep breath and the song exhales out in the most relaxing way.

"You are the end of all my beginnings.
And in the quiet the sound of you fills my ear.
Your sweet refrain echoes through my bones.
Your breath in mine ignites my soul."

I wrote "True North" on a quiet afternoon while my daughter was napping, and the house was hushed. The 3 o'clock light shone in the bedroom so gently, and the fan was offering a soft cool breeze. Not many places are more peaceful than your own quiet home in the afternoon.

"Until the heavens break from the sky
And all earth crumbles,
Until your silhouette and mine
Become inseparable, 
Until my heart can beat in time
To the rhythm of your steps
And I find rest."

As an artist and a creator (which I believe we all are in our own unique ways), I find myself most alive when I am creating- when I am searching for words and melodies to join together. Finding rhythms and slightly elusive phrases to conjure emotions. These song writing times are sacred. There's just something about bringing a song to life that has been sleeping somewhere deep down inside you.

"And I loose myself in you
The fog of your skin mixed with mine.
And in deeper waters still..

You're my True North
Guiding me home tonight."

May you find your rest.
May you find your True North.
May you sing the song that is burning inside you.


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